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Sharing content from Facebook to Instagram is one of the best ways to expand your audience base and make your content eye-catching with minimum effort. We will walk you through how to share facebook post to instagram story seamlessly.

Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular streams among a bunch of social media apps. Cross-posting the content on different platforms is a real boon. Imagine the process of uploading a file, adding text, including hashtags, and posting on different platforms manually. Ugh! Quite tiring, isn't it?

Fortunately, Meta has made it a little easier by linking the platforms together. Now, you can share Facebook posts to Instagram without much hassle. Hope you know earlier that Facebook does not support cross-platform promotions. Social enthusiasts were eager to get an answer for how to share facebook post to instagram story, and now it's officially possible.

Meta has cut back its restriction permitting the sharing of Facebook posts, videos, and reels to Instagram from any device. It is optional to have a business account for this. Let's check out the steps on how to share on instagram from facebook swiftly.

What is Cross-Promotion?

Cross-promotion is a strategy through which you can promote your content (image, video, or brand) on different social media platforms at the same time. As Facebook is partnering with Instagram now, it's easy to share your content on both platforms using the cross-promotion feature.

Cross-promotion is highly effective for branding and marketing. Understanding the benefits of cross-promotion will help you diversify your marketing efforts and leverage the potential to increase sales. It is why people look for opportunities to share facebook post to instagram and gain instant attention to their brand or content.

Importance of Cross-Promotion

Cross-promotion is the most convenient and effective way to boost your reach and promote your brand. It is a simple and profitable method to share facebook post to instagram story and double your audience seamlessly. Posting on different social media platforms saves a lot of time and effort.

Come let's take a look at the other main benefits of cross-platform promotion,

So, it is good to learn how to share facebook post to instagram story for cross-promoting your content or brand and reap the benefits.


If your Instagram and Facebook accounts still need to be linked, link them now to try cross-promotions.

Three Methods to Share Facebook Posts With Instagram

Instagram is a repository for sharing exquisite photos with impressive text, attractive filters, and features, whereas Facebook is the bridge that connects millions of people through their posts.

If you are a user of these two platforms, strive hard to post separately; don't worry. We can help guide you through the techniques to successfully share your posts on these platforms. Also, you might already know how to share a post on instagram and how to share a post on facebook. The new thing to learn is their cross-platform sharing of content. Come, let's get started!

Three No-Sweat Ways to Cross-Promote Your Posts

As your Facebook account is now linked to Instagram, you can share images, videos, and other content in three easy ways,

  • Share Facebook Posts To Instagram Manually
  • Share Facebook Posts To Instagram Automatically
  • Upload a Story on FB and Share the Link on Instagram

Steps To Share Facebook Posts To Instagram Manually

You can find the guidelines on how to share facebook post to instagram story manually here,

  • Step 1: Launch the Facebook app and find the "What's on your mind" section above the stories or reels.
  • Step 2: Tap the drop-down menu with the Instagram icon to toggle for your Insta account.
  • Step 3: Click on the "Create Story" button and tap the gear icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Step 4: Select "Always Share to Instagram" and tap "Save".


To share Facebook reels, tap the Share to Instagram and toggle on/off your Instagram account.

Steps To Share Facebook Posts To Instagram Automatically

When you are creating a new post on FB, you can now find a new option to cross-post it to Instagram. Here's how to share facebook post to instagram story automatically.

  • Step 1: Launch the Facebook app.

    Go to the "Settings" menu.

    Click the "Meta Accounts Center" option.

  • Step 2: Click the "Connected Experiences" button and tap the "Sharing Across Profiles" option.
  • Step 3: You can find the "Sharing Across Profiles" page with a list of Facebook accounts from which you need to select your FB account to continue.
  • Step 4: You must select your Instagram account here in the "Share to" section.
  • Step 5: Toggle on to fb share all your Facebook content, like stories, posts, and reels to the Instagram page automatically.

Upload A Story On Facebook and Share The Link On Instagram

In this section, you can find how to share facebook post to instagram story by uploading a story on Facebook and sharing its link on Instagram.

  • Step 1: Upload a story on Facebook and tap to open it.
  • Step 2: Select the "Three-dots" menu and tap on "Copy link to share this story."
  • Step 3: You can find the link downloaded and saved in the clipboard. Copy that link.
  • Step 4: Now, navigate to your Instagram account and paste the link in your Instagram story.


You can also share Instagram posts on Facebook by selecting the "Instagram" option from the "Sharing Across Profile Pages".

Things to Remember

Though you can cross-promote your content from one social media account to another, there are a few restrictions and limitations. Remember it before you try to post content from Facebook to Instagram.

  • It is not possible to cross-post your content using a personal account. You have to create a business page or business suite account.
  • Sharing a single image post is possible, and it does not apply to stories and multiple images.
  • You can post an image from Facebook to Instagram using the "Post Now" option. You can postpone or schedule it as no "Post Later" option is available.
  • To use this cross-post feature, you must disable double wall verification from your Insta account.

And that’s it! It’s a stoppage from how to share facebook post to instagram story for you! So, Keep these constraints in mind while cross-posting your content from Facebook to Instagram.


You must download the Meta Business Suite app on Android or iOS to schedule and publish a post on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously.

How to Use Meta Business Suite for Cross-Posting Your Content

As cross-posting your content through Meta Business Suite is very simple, we will help you to learn how to share facebook post to instagram story by scheduling your posts or instantly using this business page.

  • Step 1: Open the "Meta Business Suite Page" and log in to your Facebook or Instagram accounts.
  • Step 2: Pick the "Facebook Page" you want to promote from the sidebar.
  • Step 3: Tap on the "Create Post" option, and from the drop-down menu, select both Facebook and Instagram options.
  • Step 4: You can schedule your post, save it as drafts, or publish your content with just one click.

The Bottom Line

Posting content has been one-sided, and now Meta is trying to fix this by integrating these social media platforms into one another. Sharing content from Instagram to Facebook is easy, but the same is not true the other way. But, this article can guide you on how to share facebook post to instagram story using several methods without a business suite. It also helps you learn how to use Meta Business Suite to cross-post your content. So, it's now your turn to explore these methods and enjoy sharing content without a struggle.

From now on, stop searching for how to share facebook post to instagram story and double your audience without a hitch! Let us know which method you tried for cross-posting your content. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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